Salome Sunday Recap: Guest Blogger John Mac Master

It is Sunday morning after the second and final performance of this marvelous Salome co-production of Opera Philadelphia and The Philadelphia Orchestra led by Yannick Nezet-Seguin. It was a great night, perhaps a more settled show, with some of the bugs from Thursday night worked out and a more finely honed performance. Today, I am sure we are all a little wistful as we head off in different directions after only two performances here and not four, ten, or forty (!) as Yannick quipped last night in a post show toast in the musicians Green Room. He marveled once again, as we all have, at the incredible spirit of cooperation of these two institutions, and of ALL of were involved, onstage and off.


Photo by Dominic M. Mercier

Writing this blog has been fun, and I thank you all for reading, and for your many comments. A final shout out to the whole team - Philadelphia Orchestra, you bring such professionalism, but also joy to our work - thank you! To this fabulous cast, what fine colleagues you have been, and there has been SO much artistry to relish and share in. To my young colleagues in some of the shorter roles, You are all STARS in the making, how you have impressed us all with your commitment, excellence, and artistry. To Kevin Newbury, Vita Tzykun and the whole creative/production team – what vision, what artistry, what focus, what calm! To the leadership of the companies, and their boards and donors for the will and commitment to make this happen! And to Yannick, without your vision, passion and leadership this would not have happened, without your incredible artistry, these performances would not have attained this level of excellence - thank you, thank you, thank you! I wonder what they will come up with next in Philadelphia? Safe journeys to my colleagues, happy day to all you Mothers!