Salome Wednesday Recap: Guest Blogger John Mac Master

Yesterday's dress rehearsal, 6 days after we began work here (!), was another grand moment in the process. The Philadelphia Orchestra sound has been magnificent from the moment we first heard it, but now there is even more authority and grandeur in the playing. Some of the lighting had been finished for the dress, which was great, and I know that they were working into the afternoon and evening last night to finish it. The costumes are magnificent. I think a lot of credit has to go to Opera Philadelphia for all of the craft and experience that they have brought to this task. Remember that Verizon Hall is not usually used in this way; new lighting trusses and lighting instruments had to be hung (basically in one day), and then a set built elsewhere was brought in and installed (in one day) with a level of fit and craftsmanship of really high order. And the costumes were all built from scratch - in a week! There are an incredible number of people in both organizations, from administration to crafts doing fabulous work in a really short time frame. Great planning, great execution, I am sure I speak for all my singing colleagues in saying "thank you all"!

And now we give our best to our audiences tonight. I'm confident this will stand out as a magnificent and memorable realization of the work, and one we can be proud of. Toi-toi-toi to all for a grand opening!