Svadba–Wedding  is a raucous and intoxicating a cappella tour de force for six female singers. Sung in Serbian, the action takes place the night before a wedding, when girlfriends stay up all night long preparing the fiancée Milica for her impending marriage. Using existing Slavic/Balkan peasant folk tales, myths and traditions as her text source, composer Ana Sokolović draws on her native Balkan folk music as a source of inspiration for Svadba–Wedding. She transforms the music and text into her own unique onomatopoeic language. The scenes unfold, not in a linear narrative, but in a playful interconnection animated through drama, distilling magic and fantasy from ordinary moments.



  1. Girlfriends sing
  2. Colouring hair
  3. Love Suit/Dance
  4. Competition/Alphabet & Patty Cakes
  5. Bath
  6. Dressing
  7. Farewell