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Questions about Streaming?

Welcome to the Opera Philadelphia FAQ page. If your question is not answered below, please visit our Vimeo Help Page here. You can also call Guest Services at 215.732.8400 or [email protected].

Last updated on 2/11/2021. This page will be updated regularly as new questions arise.


What is the Opera Philadelphia Channel? Is it an actual channel on my TV?

The Opera Philadelphia Channel is not a traditional broadcast channel on your television. It's a streaming service, meaning you can access the content on multiple devices: TV, computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

How do I watch?

You have lots of ways to watch the Opera Philadelphia Channel!

  • Go directly to the website operaphila.tv and watch content on your computer, tablet, or phone's web browser.
  • Download the Opera Philadelphia Channel App on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Download the Opera Philadelphia App to your preferred media streaming device: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, or Roku.
  • You may also be able to watch on your smart TV. Learn how to watch here>> 
  • Use Chromecast to "cast" the content from your phone to your TV screen.

When will it go live?

Channel content is available now with new releases every few weeks.

How much does the Opera Philadelphia Channel cost?

A Season Pass to stream the entire 2020–2021 season of programming is available at the introductory price of $99.99. Rental prices range from $10–$25.

So wait...how do I get it to show up on my TV again?

The best way to watch the Opera Philadelphia Channel on your TV is to use a streaming media device like Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast. Or find it on select Smart TVs. Search for "Opera Philadelphia Channel" on whichever Smart TV you use.

Need to purchase a device? Here is a recent review of options>>

What content will be available?

Discover the full lineup here>>

All content, except for La traviata, will be produced specifically for the Opera Philadelphia Channel

Do I have to buy a Season Pass to access the Channel?

All programming will also be available with a rental option, ranging in price from $10–$25.

How do I rent specific shows?

All programs will be available for a seven-day rental, ranging in price from $10–$25, starting at the date and time of its premiere. 

You can watch the program as many times as you like in those seven days.

Is there a way to just watch the four Digital Commissions?

Yes! You can rent them individually for seven days for $10 each or purchase the Digital Commissions Bundle for $25, providing access to all four pieces until May 31.

Do I have to watch content at the premiere date and time?

If you subscribe with a Season Pass, content will be available for you to watch at your convenience through May 31, 2021.

If you choose to rent a performance, it will be available for seven days from the time of purchase.

Will subtitles be available?

Yes! Click on the “CC” (closed captions) icon under the videos, and “English subtitles” for the supertitle experience on your television.

I had tickets to the 2020-2021 Season and donated them. Am I automatically signed up for the Opera Philadelphia Channel?

No, there is a separate fee for the Channel. If you would like to purchase a pass, please contact Guest Services at 215.732.8400 or [email protected].

I have a Season Pass. How do I set up my account?

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