Opera Philadelphia

Freedays on Fridays

We may not be on stage over the summer, but there is still opera to enjoy!

Now through mid-August, stream a different opera for FREE each weekend on the Opera Philadelphia Channel, beginning Friday mornings and continuing through the weekend.

Spend your summer at a beach wedding, the Castel Sant’Angelo, the drawing rooms of Paris, and other unexpected locales with Opera Philadelphia.

La traviata
La traviataJune 24 - 26
Soldier Songs
Soldier SongsJuly 1 - 4
SvadbaJuly 8 - 10
La voix humaine
La voix humaineJuly 15 - 17
The Drama of Tosca
The Drama of ToscaJuly 22 - 24
TakTakShooJuly 29 - 31
Cycles of My Being
Cycles of My BeingAugust 5 - 7
The Marriage of Figaro
The Marriage of FigaroAugust 12 - 14

Also check out our ongoing FREE programs on the Opera Philadelphia Channel, Organ Stops and the Reflection & Re-Vision series! 

Want to learn more about the operas you watch? Check out our Student Guides! 


*WARNING: Archived Dress Rehearsal Student Guides contain sensitive content, including gendered language, sexual violence, coded language, and offensive cultural depictions. Have questions? Reach out to the Community Initiatives team at education@operaphila.org  


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