Opera Philadelphia

The Ultimate Experience

If you love opera, fully celebrate your passion by becoming a part of the Opera Philadelphia family for this incredible season. Subscribe today and receive exclusive benefits and perks when you show your Subscriber Card. You'll enjoy discounts on convenient parking, special offers at fine restaurants, discounted admission to other Philadelphia attractions, and much more! Details of benefits can be found here.

Fixed Seat Package Your Seats, Your Dates

Fixed Seat packages are a set grouping of dates on the same day of the week for either Opera at the Academy or the Aurora Series at the Perelman. You'll get the best choice of seats, plus, you can renew the exact same seats from season to season. Choose the series that best suits your schedule.

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Cutting-edge productions you won’t want to miss. WHYY-TV12

Select Series 3+ Operas, The Most Flexibility

Combine the most flexibility with the lowest subscription rate. Select any three or more operas from any days of the week or venue. Plus, order a variable number of tickets for each performance and try different seating areas.

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Duet Package 2 Operas, Access to the Best Seats

Compose the perfect Duet with any two operas. Get access to the best seats in advance of the general public and receive exclusive benefits.

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