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Choose any three or more operas and create a custom package that fits your tastes and schedule.

A Select Series package gives you the most flexibility while still offering the lowest subscription rate. Select at least three operas of your choice from any days of the week or venue. Enjoy the full complement of subscriber benefits including the ability to exchange tickets to an alternate performance date.

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Academy of Music Per-Ticket Prices

Zone Seating Area Sunday Wednesday & Friday
B: Parquet Box/Balcony Box $215 $215
1: Parquet Premium $179 $161
2: Parquet $143 $134
3: Parquet Balance/Center Parquet Circle/Center Balcony Circle/Balcony Loge/Premium Family Circle $116 $107
4: Side Parquet Circle/Side Balcony Circle/Premium Family Circle $89 $80
5: Proscenium Box/Family Circle/Side Balcony Circle/Premium Amphitheatre $62 $62
6: Center Amphitheatre $44 $35
7: Side Family Circle/Side Amphitheatre $17 $17

Perelman Theater Per-Ticket Prices

Zone Seating Area Saturday Tuesday & Thursday
1: Plaza Box/Plaza Floor $134 $134
2: Plaza Floor/Plaza Tier/First Balcony $98 $98
3: Plaza Floor/Plaza Tier/First Balcony Box/Second Balcony $71 $71
4: First Balcony Box/Second Balcony $53 $53

Opera in the City Per-Ticket Prices (SAVE 30%!)

Zone Seating Area Saturday Sunday
General Admission $34 $34

Seating for Third World Bunfight's Macbeth at the Prince Theater is general admission and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Academy of Music and Perelman Theater are part of the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

Note: Seating for Select Series packages is prioritized after Fixed Seat packages are seated. Select Series seating locations are not guaranteed to be renewed from season to season. Subscription seating priority is based on current donor level, number of years as a donor, number of years subscribed, and order of date received. Casting, program, schedule, and pricing subject to change without notice. Deposited checks or charges do not guarantee seating availability.

Please contact Guest Services at 215.732.8400 if you are interested in discounted pricing available for obstructed view or no-supertitle seating.

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