Staff Directory


Office of the General Director

David B. Devan  
General Director & President 215.893.5917
Ken Smith  
Assistant to General Director &
Board Relations Coordinator 


Artistic, Music and Production

Corrado Rovaris  
The Jack Mulroney Music Director 215.893.5918
Mikael Eliasen  
Artistic Advisor  
David Levy  
Senior Vice President, Artistic Operations 215.893.5913
Michael Eberhard  
Artistic Administrator 215.893.5923
Sarah Williams  
New Works Administrator 215.893.5910
Alexander Farino  
Production Manager 215.893.5936
Drew Billiau   
Technical Production Manager 215.893.5921
Elizabeth Braden  
Chorus Master 215.893.5931
J. Robert Loy  
Director of Orchestra Personnel & Librarian 215.893.5922
Christopher Hanes  
Technical Director 215.893.5905
Millie Hiibel  
Costume Director 215.893.5901



Jeremiah Marks  
Chief Financial Officer 215.893.5911
Maureen McHale  
Senior Accountant 215.893.5919


Institutional Advancement

Annie Burridge  
Managing Director 215.893.5906
Bethany Steel  
Assistant to the Managing Director 215.893.5907
Ryan Lewis  
Director of Marketing & Membership 215.893.5903
Frank Luzi  
Director of Communications 215.893.5902
Lucy Clemens  
Director of Audience Services  215.893.5914
Adele Betz  
Director of Events 215.893.5912
Erin Sammis  
Director of Major Gifts 215.893.5904
Thomas Rhodes  
Director of Institutional Giving 215.893.5932
Jennifer Dubin  
Associate Director, Individual Giving & Patron Services 215.893.5908
Michael Knight  
Marketing Operations Manager 215.893.5916
Derren Mangum  
Manager of Institutional Giving 215.893.5924
Rachel McCausland  
Manager, Leadership & Legacy Giving 215.893.5909
Karina Kacala  
Marketing Manager 215.893.5937
Filiz O'Brien  
Membership Manager 215.893.5934
Katie Dune  
Multimedia Communications Coordinator 215.893.5933
Siddhartha Misra  
Subscriber & Member Services Coordinator  


Community Programs

Michael Bolton  
Vice President of Community Programs 215.893.5927
Adrienne Bishop  
Education Coordinator 215.893.5925



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General Counsel