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Opera in the Know

How many hours of rehearsal went into The Drama of Tosca?

A) 32 
B) 108
C) 56

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A Day in the Life with Brian Jagde

Step into the limelight with tenor Brian Jagde, currently starring as Cavaradossi in The Drama of Tosca on the Opera Philadelphia Channel. Discover what it's like to star in high-stakes performances enjoyed by opera fans around the world.

Day in the Life

Watch a preview of Organ Stops

The upcoming addition to the Opera Philadelphia Channel takes you on a musical tour of Philadelphia's historic pipe organs. It starts streaming for FREE on July 16.

Featuring the Opera Philadelphia ChorusOrgan Stops includes choruses from grand opera classics with several newer works by contemporary composers Hannah KendallMelissa DunphyMarcus DeLoach, and David Hurd.

Opera in the Know Answer

C) 56 hours
Rehearsals included music rehearsals, time on stage, and crew calls, spread across both the Academy of Music rehearsal hall and the Mann stage. That doesn't include the personal time that each artist spent preparing their role!

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