Opera Philadelphia

Dress Rehearsal Program

Register for the 2023-2024 Season! 

This free program for 5th through 12th grades includes student and teacher resources, creating a space for students to engage with this art form and participate in meaningful conversations. 

Opera connects us through stories told in music - this season find stories of heroes and villians, love and loss, laughter and tears. 


Come enjoy the magic of the opera! 

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Explore Digital Learning Resources for our current and past productions at the links below! 

Opera Philadelphia's Dress Rehearsal Program provides various resources, including:

  • Student newsletters
  • Professional developments curated for teachers to discuss thematic material in each opera
  • A free account to the Opera Philadelphia Channel to stream digital performances on demand
  • Free round-trip transportation to in-person performances will be provided to 5th through 8th grade Philadelphia schools




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