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Opera Philadelphia is leading the field in the development of new opera. Our American Repertoire Program, a commitment to produce a new American work over ten seasons, currently has new operas in development by composers such as Kevin Puts and Daniel Bernard Roumain. We have the world’s most comprehensive Composer in Residence program, made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, with three talented composers each with us for several years of intensive, hands-on work to develop an understanding of the many facets of developing and producing opera.

Opera Philadelphia has become the most skillful calibrator of populist appetites and the need of the art form to progress. The Philadelphia Inquirer

New Works American Repertoire Program

Opera Philadelphia launched the American Repertoire Program in 2011, committing to produce an American work in ten consecutive seasons and solidifying its role as a national leader in the creation of new works. The Program is aimed at fostering a new generation of opera composers and telling authentically American stories. 

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The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Composer in Residence

Opera Philadelphia, in collaboration with Music-Theatre Group in New York, is proud to offer the nation’s first comprehensive, operatic Composer in Residence program.

Meet the composers taking this timeless art form and infusing it with the artistic, technological, creative, and collaborative sensibilities most relevant to our time.

Meet the Composers

Class of 2016-2017 Emerging Artists Program

This season, in celebration of the company’s ongoing commitment to emerging talent, Opera Philadelphia is strengthening its mission of cultivating future stars through the Emerging Artists Program.

Everyone has a gift. You just have to be around the right type of people who will motivate you to show that gift off to the world. I believe Hip H'opera is that program... Naiomy, Grade 12

Opera Philadelphia & Art Sanctuary Hip H'opera

Hip H'opera is a collaborative project that combines classical music style with hip-hop sounds to create a compelling new operatic experience.  The Program exposes students to a variety of artistic disciplines and creates unique opportunities for interactive learning.


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