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Code of Conduct

Welcome to Opera Philadelphia! 

Opera Philadelphia is committed to fostering an environment of belonging and inclusion for our entire communityWe have adopted this Code of Conduct to ensure the comfort and safety of all artists, contractors, staff, supporters, and volunteers. We are committed to maintaining an environment wherein everyone is treated with respectdignity, and compassionBy purchasing a ticket or entering our environment, you agree to the tenets of Opera Philadelphia’s Code of Conduct. 

We are an anti-racist organizationWe are fierce advocates for the rights of our trans community. Behavior that is harmful to others or disruptive to our communal sense of belonging for all will not be tolerated. 

This includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Verbal or physical harassment, including abusive language and gestures, sexual languageor threats directed at others  

  • All forms of discrimination, harassment, and microaggressions based oage, citizenship, color, creed, disabilitygender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status 

  • The carrying of firearms or other dangerous weapons into an Opera Philadelphia space 

  • Behavior that is in violation of government laws and regulations, including health and safety guidelines 

If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you may be removed from the premises or prohibited from returning in the future. If you witness a violation of this policy, please notify the nearest usher, security, or Guest Services staff member, or send an email to peopleops@operaphila.org. 

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