Opera Philadelphia

Opera on the Spot

Our Teaching Artists bring imaginations and creative thinking to your classrooms! Take a look at the various offerings we have, based on grade level. These classes are a great way to expose students to the meaning of music and the operatic art form. 

For more information, contact Education Manager Christa Sechlersechler@operaphila.org


Available in October | Grades K–1: Opera Storybook Time  

  • Invite one of our Teaching Artists to come to your classroom and read aage-appropriate book and do a creative activity that dives into the wonderful world of Opera! 


Available in October | Grades 1–4: Opera in a Trunk  

  • Costumes, props, and songs, OH MY! Students work with a Teaching Artist to create a short opera scene that explores the different parts of an opera! 


Available in January | Grades 5–8: Learning Through Lyrics  

  • Music is a vehicle for expression and lyrics are a powerful way to convey a message.  Students join a Teaching Artist as they explore relevant themes and emotions throughout various genres of music. 


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