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Rigoletto: Student Guide

Welcome! We are excited to welcome you to our Dress Rehearsal Program for Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto. Seeing an opera can be a thrilling experience as it combines all of the art forms to tell a story – music, dance, theater, visual art, and more. We hope these resources help you to appreciate Rigoletto even more. 

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Opera 101

Click this link to read a Spanish Translation.

Explore Rigoletto

What is the story of Rigoletto? When and where did it premiere? Who wrote the music for the opera? Why might the story still be relevant today? Allow us to answer these questions and more!

Power Dynamics and Rigoletto
Power Dynamics and Rigolettocurriculum by Abby Weissman
Rigoletto's Famous Quartet
Rigoletto's Famous Quartetarticle by Dr. Lily Kass
WOARPhiladelphia Center Against Sexual Violence

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