Opera Philadelphia

The Arts on Center Stage 2024 Program

June 20, 2024
Opera Philadelphia

Featuring members from the Opera Philadelphia Chorus  
Sophia Santiago, Julie Snyder, Sopranos  
Tanisha Anderson, Lauren Cook, Mezzo-Sopranos  
Matthew Coules, Steven Humes, Tenors  
Mark Hosseini, Brenton Mattox-Scott, Basses,  
Elizabeth Braden, Conductor
Grant Loehnig, Piano   


Musical Program:

Belle Nuit (‘Barcarolle’) from The Tales of Hoffmann, by Jacques Offenbach                            
Opera Philadelphia Chorus
Julie Snyder & Lauren Cook, soloists

Vedrai carino, from Don Giovanni, by W. A. Mozart
Julie Snyder                                                                        

You Are the Dust, from Songs from the Uproar, by Missy Mazzoli
Tanisha Anderson                                                           

Chantons, célébrons notre dame from The Anonymous Lover, by Joseph Bologne
Opera Philadelphia Chorus
Sophia Santiago & Matthew Coules, soloists  

Je veux vivre, from Romeo et Juliette, by Charles Gounod                          
Sophia Santiago

Voi Che Sapete, from The Marriage of Figaro, by Mozart 
Lauren Cook

When the Storms of Life Are Raging, by Victor C. Johnson 
Opera Philadelphia Chorus

Thousands of Miles, from Lost in the Stars, by Kurt Weill 
Brenton Mattox-Scott                                                                                 

Soliloquy, from Carousel, by Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein
Matthew Coules 

Some Enchanted Evening, from South Pacific, by Rogers & Hammerstein 
Mark Hosseini                                                      

She Loves Me, from She Loves Me, by Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick                
Steven Humes

Happy, Happy, Happy We, from Semele, by G.F. Handel
Opera Philadelphia Chorus                                                                  

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Belle Nuit (‘Barcarolle’) from The Tales of Hoffmann, by Jacques Offenbach                            
Opera Philadelphia Chorus
Julie Snyder & Lauren Cook, soloists  

Belle nuit, ô nuit d'amour, 
Souris à nos ivresses, 
Nuit plus douce que le jour, 
Ô belle nuit d'amour! 

Le temps fuit et sans retour 
Emporte nos tendresses, 
Loin de cet heureux séjour 
Le temps fuit sans retour. 

Zéphyrs embrasés, 
Versez-nous vos caresses, 
Zéphyrs embrasés, 
Donnez-nous vos baisers! 
vos baisers! vos baisers! Ah!

Lovely night, oh, night of love
Smile upon our joys!
Night much sweeter than the day
Oh beautiful night of love!

Time flies by, and carries away
Our tender caresses for ever!
Time flies far from this happy oasis
And does not return 

Burning zephyrs
Embrace us with your caresses!
Burning zephyrs
Give us your kisses!

Vedrai carino, from Don Giovanni, by W. A. Mozart
Julie Snyder

Vedrai, carino, se sei buonino, 
Che bel rimedio ti voglio dar! 
È naturale, non dà disgusto, 
E lo speziale non lo sa far. 
È un certo balsamo, ch'io porto addosso, 
Dare tel posso, se il vuoi provar. 
Saper vorresti dove mi sta? 
Sentilo battere, toccami qua!

You'll see, you cute thing
If you'll be good what a nice cure
I want to give you!
It's natural, it doesn't cause aversion
And the apothecary can't do it.
It's a certain balm I have with me,
I can give it to you, if you want to try it.
Would you like to know where it is?
Listen to its beat, touch me here.  

You Are the Dust, from Songs from the Uproar, by Missy Mazzoli
Tanisha Anderson

You are the dust
You are the sand
You are the breathing earth
You are the flood
You are the road
You are the dust
You are the one most loved
When left behind.

Chantons, célébrons notre dame from The Anonymous Lover, by Joseph Bologne
Sophia Santiago & Matthew Coules, soloists 

Chantons, célébrons notre dame. 
Aimer et un plaisir bien doux. 
Qu’elle lise au fond de notre âme 
Combien nous la chérissons tous. 

J’aimais Colin, mais trop peu Riche 
Et moi Jeanette, et moi sans bien. 
Sans une bonté si parfait 
Notre amour n’eût servi de rien. 
Ce mariage est votre ouvrage 
Il fait tout notre bonheur. 
Que notre homage 
Soit l’heureux gage 
De notre sincère ardeur.

Let’s sing and celebrate our lady 
Loving is a very sweet pleasure
Let her read in the depths of her soul
How much we all cherish her.

I love Colin, even though he’s not rich
And I love Jeannette, even though I’m not rich
Without such perfect kindness, 
Our love would have been of no use
This marriage is your handiwork,
It makes us happy.
May our homage be the happy pledge 
Of our sincere love

Je veux vivre, from Romeo et Juliette, by Charles Gounod
Sophia Santiago

Ah! Je veux vivre 
Dans ce rêve qui m'enivre; 
Ce jour encore, douce flamme, 
Je te garde dans mon âme 
Comme un trésor! 

Cette ivresse de jeunesse 
Ne dure, hélas! qu'un jour! 
Puis vient l'heure où l'on pleure, 
Le cœur cède à l'amour, 
Et le bonheur fuit sans retour.  

Loin de l'hiver morose 
Laisse-moi sommeiller 
Et respirer la rose 
Avant de l'effeuiller. 
Ah! Douce flamme, 
Reste dans mon âme 
Comme un doux trésor 
Longtemps encore!

Ah! I want to live
In this dream that intoxicates me
Again this day!
Sweet flame, I keep you in my soul
Like a treasure! 

This intoxication of youth
Alas, don't last just one day!
Then the time comes
When we cry
The heart gives way to love
And happiness flees without return. 

Away from the gloomy winter
Let me sleep
Before stripping it.
Ah! Sweet flame,
Stay in my soul like a sweet treasure
For a long, long time.  

Voi Che Sapete, from The Marriage of Figaro, by Mozart 
Lauren Cook 

Voi chesapete, checosa è amor, 
donne, vedete, s'iol'honel cor. 
Quello ch'ioprovo vi ridirò, 
è per me nuovo, capirnol so. 
Sento un affetto pien di desir, 
ch'ora è diletto, ch'ora è martir. 
Gelo e poi sentol'almaavvampar, 
e in un momentotorno a gelar. 
Ricerco un bene fuori di me, 
non so chi'ltiene, non socos'è. 
Sospiro e gemo senza voler, 
palpito e tremo senza saper. 
Non trovo pace notte né , 
ma pur mi piacelanguircosì,   

You ladies who know what love is, 
See if it is what I have in my heart. 
All that I feel I will explain; 
Since it is new to me, I don't understand it. 
I have a feeling full of desire, 
Which now is pleasure, now is torment. 
I freeze, then I feel my spirit all ablaze, 
And the next moment turn again to ice. 
I seek for a treasure outside of myself; 
I know not who holds it nor what it is. 
I sigh and I groan without wishing to, 
I flutter and tremble without knowing why. 
I find no peace by night or day, 
But yet to languish like this is sheer delight. 

When the Storms of Life Are Raging, by Victor C. Johnson
Opera Philadelphia Chorus

When the storms of life are raging, stand by me.
When the world is tossing me 
Like a ship upon the sea,
Thou who rulest wind and water, stand by me.

In the midst of tribulation, stand by me.
When the hosts of hell assail, 
And my strength begins to fail,
Thou who never lost a battle, stand by me. 

Stand by me, O Lord, stand by me.
Thou who knowest all about me, stand by me.

When I’m growing old and feeble, stand by me.
When my life becomes a burden, 
And I’m nearing chilly Jordan,
O Thou Lily of the Valley, stand by me. 

Thousands of Miles, from Lost in the Stars, by Kurt Weill
Brenton Mattox-Scott

How many miles to the heart of a child?
Thousands of miles, thousands of miles.
When he lay on your breast, he looked up and smiled
across tens of thousands, thousands of miles. 

Each lives alone in a world of dark,
Crossing the skies in a lonely arc,
Save when love leaps out like a leaping spark
over thousands, thousands of miles.

Not miles, or walls, or length of days,
Nor the cold doubt of midnight can hold us apart.
For swifter than wings of the morning,
The pathways of the heart.

How many miles to the heart of a son?
Thousands of miles, thousands of miles.
Farther off than the rails or the roadways run
across tens of thousands, thousands of miles.

The lines on the map stretch far and thin,
To the streets and days that close him in,
But then as of old he turns around to grin
over thousands, thousands of miles 

Not miles or walls or length of days,
Nor the cold doubt of midnight can hold us apart.
For swifter than wings of the morning.
The pathways of the heart
Over tens of thousands of miles.

Soliloquy, from Carousel, by Richard Rogers & Oscar Hammerstein
Matthew Coules 

I wonder what he’ll think of me!
I guess he’ll call me
“The old man.”
I guess he’ll think I can lick
Every other feller’s father—
Well, I can!

I bet that he’ll turn out to be
The spit an’ image of his dad,
But he’ll have more common sense
Than his puddin’-headed father ever had.

I’ll teach him to wrassle,
And dive through a wave,
When we go in the mornin’s for our swim.
His mother can teach him
The way to behave,
But she won’t make a sissy out o’ him—
Not him!  Not my boy! Not Bill…

My boy, Bill! I will see
That he’s named after me, I will!
My boy, Bill— he’ll be tall
And as tough as a tree, will Bill.

Like a tree he’ll grow,
With his head held high
And his feet planted firm on the ground,
And you won’t see nobody dare to try
To boss him or toss him around!
No pot-bellied, baggy-eyed bully’ll boss him around!

I don’t give a damn what he does,
As long as he does what he likes.
He can sit on his tail
Or work on a rail
With a hammer, a-hammerin’ spikes.

He can ferry a boat on the river
Or peddle a pack on his back
Or work up and down
The streets of a town
With a whip and a horse and a hack.

He can haul a scow along a canal,
Run a cow around a corral,
Or maybe bark for a carousel
Of course it takes talent to do that well.

He might be a champ of the heavyweights
Or a feller that sells you glue,
Or President of the United States—
That’d be all right too.

And I’m damned if he’ll marry his boss’s daughter,
A skinny-lipped virgin with blood like water,
Who’ll give him a peck and call it a kiss
And look in his eyes through a lorgnette…

I can see him
When he’s seventeen or so
And startin’ in to go with a girl.

I can give him lots o’ pointers, very sound,
On the way to get round any girl.
I can tell him—

Wait a minute!
Could it be?
What the hell!
What if he is a girl?

Bill! Oh, Bill!
What would
I do with her?
What could I do for her?
A bum—with no money!

You can have fun with a son,
But you got to be a father
To a girl!

She mightn’t be so bad at that—
A kid with ribbons
In her hair,
A kind o’ sweet and petite
Little tintype of her mother—
What a pair!

My little girl,
Pink and white
As peaches and cream is she.
My little girl
Is half again as bright
As girls are meant to be!

Dozens of boys pursue her,
Many a likely lad
Does what he can to woo her
From her faithful dad.

She has a few
Sweet and light young fellers of two or three—
But my little girl
Gets hungry ev’ry night
And she comes home to me…

I got to get ready before she comes,
I got to make certain that she
Won’t be dragged up in slums
With a lot o’ bums— like me!

She’s got to be sheltered and fed, and dressed
In the best that money can buy!
I never knew how to get money,
But I’ll try—By God! I’ll try!
I’ll go out and make it
Or steal it or take it
Or die!

Some Enchanted Evening, from South Pacific, by Rogers & Hammerstein  
Mark Hosseini 

You may see a stranger, 
You may see a stranger 
Across a crowded room 
And somehow you know, 
You know even then 
That somewhere you'll see her 
Again and again. 
Some enchanted evening 
Someone may be laughin', 
You may hear her laughin' 
Across a crowded room 
And night after night, 
As strange as it seems 
The sound of her laughter 
Will sing in your dreams. 
Who can explain it? 
Who can tell you why? 
Fools give you reasons, 
Wise men never try. 
Some enchanted evening 
When you find your true love, 
When you feel her call you 
Across a crowded room, 
Then fly to her side, 
And make her your own 
For all through your life you 
May dream all alone. 
Once you have found her, 
Never let her go. 
Once you have found her, 
Never let her go! 

She Loves Me, from She Loves Me, by Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick
Steven Humes

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well,
Will wonders never cease?

I didn't like her.
Didn't like her? I couldn't stand her.
Couldn't stand her? I wouldn't have her.
I never knew her.
But now I do, and I would, and I could, and I know!

She loves me and to my amazement
I love it, knowing that she loves me.
She loves me. True, she doesn't show it.
How could she, when she doesn't know it?

Yesterday she loathed me, bah!
But today she likes me, ah!
And tomorrow.

My teeth ache from the urge to touch her.
I'm speechless, for I mustn't tell her.
It's wrong now, but it won't be long now
Before my love discovers
That she and I are lovers.
Imagine how surprised she's bound to be.

She loves me!
She loves me!

I love her, isn't that wonder?
I wonder why I didn't want her?
I want her. That's the thing that matters.
And matters are improving daily.

Yesterday I loathed her, bah!
But today I love her, ha!
And tomorrow,
Tomorrow, ah!

I'm tingling. Such delicious tingles.
I'm trembling. What the hell does that mean?
I'm freezing. That's because it's cold out.
And still I'm incandescent
And like some adolescent.
I'd like to scrawl on every wall I see.
She loves me.
She loves me!

Happy, Happy, Happy We, from Semele, by G.F. Handel
Opera Philadelphia Chorus

Happy, happy, shall we be!
And free from care and sorrow.
Guiltless pleasures we’ll enjoy,
Virtuous love will never cloy.
All that’s good and just we’ll prove,
And Bacchus crown the joys of love.  

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