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Posted2 Mar 2023

Creating a Credo

By Opera Philadelphia

At the Credo Writing Workshop in February, workshop facilitator Anthony Martinez-Briggs and Opera Philadelphia's Vice-President of Community Initiatives Veronica Chapman-Smith led students through a writing exercise helping them to create their own credos, or “I believe” statements. The students were able to draw the connection between W.E.B. Du Bois’ prose and the symbiotic creative relationship between music and text by highlighting the connection between Margaret Bonds and Dubois’ pieces. They also had some fun with typewriters from Philly Typewriter! 

Part of the Sounds of America initiative, this workshop was a co-curated event between:

  • Teaching artist and creative Anthony Martinez-Briggs, also known as US
  • The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
  • ONEcomposer
  • Opera Philadelphia
  • Kalela Williams, also known as Black History Maven

Learn more about our Community and Education programming>>

Photos courtesy of The Mann.

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