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Where to Stream Breaking the Waves

By Aubrey Nagle

Are you joining us for the World Premiere of Breaking the Waves, based on the 1996 Oscar-nominated film by Lars von Trier?

Whether you've seen the film and want a refresher or yearn to see it before attending a performance, you're in luck: Opera Philadelphia has partnered with Philadelphia Film Society to bring you two special screenings of Breaking the Waves September 17 and 19. 

But if you can't make it to one of these screenings, there are plenty of ways to stream the film on your preferred device:


Subscription: $7.99 or $11.99 a month


48-Hour Rental: $2.99-3.99

Own It: $12.99-14.99


72-Hour Rental: $3.99

Own It: $19.99

Google Play

48-Hour Rental: $2.99-3.99

Own It: $12.99-14.99


24-Hour Rental: $2.99-3.99

Own It: $14.99-19.99


Own It: $19.99

Prefer a hard copy? Try the digitally restored Criterion Collection DVD/Blu-Ray with special features.

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