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Leslie Travers Creates Opulent Sets & Costumes for The Marriage of Figaro

By Aubrey Nagle

Renowned theater designer Leslie Travers has created opulent costumes and sets to accompany the new co-production of The Marriage of Figaro, coming to the Academy of Music stage April 28-May 7. Figaro, Susanna, and the rest of the comedic cast are draped in period clothing that reflects the time period when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote the opera, in 1786.

"It's wonderful to be doing luscious period costumes," he said. "Of course, the important thing for me is that they really reflect the character."

The stage design plays off of this aesthetic, but with a touch of abstraction on its incredible moving set pieces. "Obviously we can't take a grand European house and put it on stage, because that's just not enough for me in storytelling," Travers said.

Check out the videos below, created by Lyric Opera of Kansas City, to learn more about Travers' designs.

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