Opera Philadelphia

Opera Philadelphia Channel

Experience Opera Philadelphia's 2020–2021 season, reimagined for the screen.

Now live, our channel brings a full season into opera lovers’ homes via TV and streaming apps for mobile devices, AppleTV, Android TV, Roku, FireTV, and Chromecast.

With its own streaming service and a string of premieres, this company is setting the pace for virtual performances. The New York Times

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Debuting this fall, the Opera Philadelphia Channel will be available through browsers, streaming apps, and smart TV, bringing the joy of opera into your home. Enjoy the full lineup, plus additional discussions and programming, for an introductory price of $99.


From the safety and comfort of your couch, you can explore why Opera Philadelphia has become one of the notable purveyors in the classical music arena. The Broad Street Review

FAQs How to Stream

Answers to all your questions about how to watch the 2020–2021 season on your devices. 

Opera Philadelphia is laying claim to the mantle of making new material during the pandemic The New York Times

Reflection & Re-Vision A series of free lectures and discussions

Take a deeper look into the genre of opera by exploring both its musical and theatrical elements and engaging with non-musical scholars to gain a better cultural, social, and historical perspective.

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