Opera Philadelphia

10 Things You’ll Experience This Season

By Aubrey Nagle

The 2016-2017 Season is set to be an exciting one here at Opera Philadelphia, full of love, passion, lust and power. What do we mean, exactly? Join us throughout the year and you’ll see…


Young artists get schooled

Christine Goerke will lead a Master Class with our Emerging Artists.

So many severed heads

Don’t worry, they’re fake. Now if only Turandot’s suitors would stop ringing that gong! (But then we wouldn’t have an opera…

Couples consciously coupling (on-stage and off)

Turandot and Calaf, Jan and Bess, Tancredi and Amenaide…Chris & Lucy? That’s right: Lucy Shaufer and Christopher Gillet, appearing in The Marriage of Figaro are married in real life! 


Stephanie Blythe wears the pants

When she makes her role debut as Tancredi, that is.

'70s fashion is back (in a good way!)

Emmy-winning designer Chrisi Karvonides created the costumes for '70s-set Breaking the Waves.

A love letter go horribly awry

The beautiful Amenaide just can’t catch a break.

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth doing laundry

Third World Bunfight transports Verdi’s Macbeth to the Democratic Republic of Congo where Lady Macbeth owns a laundrette before her husband becomes a warlord. 

Dozens of debuts

From directors to singers to costume designers, we’re welcoming even more talent to the Opera Philadelphia family this year.

An oil rig in the Kimmel Center

Ok, not a real oil rig, per se, but you’ll see what we mean


Mimosas for days

Brunches at the Academy of Music and The Capital Grille? Count us in. 

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