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A Quiet Place Synopsis

Act One

Dinah has died in a car crash, and a group of friends and relatives has gathered for her funeral. Her husband Sam is present, but self-absorbed. The wife of Dinah’s doctor, Mrs. Doc, asks Dinah’s analyst about their sessions. The funeral director asks about Dinah’s children, Dede and Junior, who have not arrived.

Dede and her husband François arrive and meet Susie, Dinah’s best friend; Dinah’s brother Bill; and Mrs. Doc. The funeral director asks to begin the service, even though Junior has not appeared. A series of readings is given by Bill, Susie, Dede, Doc, and Mrs. Doc.

The service is interrupted as Junior bursts into the room. Sam breaks out of his silence to confront his son. Dede and Junior attempt to engage him, but he leaves, enraged.

Act Two

Sam is at home reading Dinah’s diary. He discovers Dinah’s suicide note. Before he can read it, Dede enters. She opens her mother’s closet and finds clothes, old photos, family recipes, and “kid’s things.” Sam softens in Dede’s presence.

François has entered Junior’s room to confront him about his behavior. Junior launches into a partially incoherent raving about his past relationship with his sister and their father’s discovery of them together. François becomes infuriated, but realizes that Junior is trying to express that he misses the love of his father.

François tells Dede how much he loves her.

Act Three

The next morning, Dede is in her mother’s overgrown garden. Junior comes out with a breakfast platter. They recall childhood games and songs. François enters and joins in the game, and soon after, Sam enters as well. Sam embraces François then asks him to read Dinah’s suicide note aloud.

Dede’s mood begins to darken as Junior grows increasingly unstable. François urges them to calm down out of respect for Dinah. The scene ends quietly and slowly as the family struggles to come to terms with their past and one another.

-The Creative Team

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Dates are March 2018.

Wed, Mar 7 7:30 p.m.
Fri, Mar 9 7:30 p.m.
Sun, Mar 11 2:30 p.m.

Approximately 100 minutes with no intermission

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