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Blythely After Hours

Blythely Oratonio, the testosterone-filled tenor of the century, has just finished another swoon-worthy performance, and for the first time in his storied life, he is also truly swooning. This is not like the crushes he had on the cute blond prompter, the lesbian stage manager, or lady number 3, but on someone who is not really a lady at all. Blythely longs for the hairy legs, shoulders, chest, and face of famed drag queen/substitute teacher Martha Graham Cracker.  As he retires to his dressing room, he confides in the audience he keeps on hold there for these very moments of musical candor –you.  With you, he imagines a life beyond the confines, classism, and cattiness of the classical music world, brainstorms other adjectives that start with the letter c, and plans his transformation into the rock god of Martha’s dreams with a little help from his friends.  


Audition Notice September 25,  2018 

World’s tallest and hairiest drag queen seeks the following positions for upcoming first date with Opera Divo Blythely Oratonio: 

  • Classical musicians: Must be virtuosic, blend easily into the background, and be under 7 feet tall.  Bonus if you come as a foursome. 

  • Chorus/backup singers: Must be classical, under 7 feet tall, and know how to step-touch in time with passion. 

  • Hair stylists: Must be proficient with head, leg, chest, back, arm, face, and thigh hair, must be under 7 feet tall. 

  • Coach: Must know what opera is and be able to transform a rock-and-roll drag queen into a classical Diva in three nights time. Think  Queer Eye  meets  Masterclass. Must be under 7 feet tall.  

  • Extras: Must be good at clapping, drinking, spontaneous sing-a-long.  Must be under 7 feet tall . 

  • Fluffers: No height requirement. 

Dito & Aeneas: Two Queens, One Night 

Opera Philadelphia cordially welcomes you to Blythely Oratonio and Martha Graham Cracker’s first date.  If you’ve been on a first date before, you know what to expect: A string quartet, rock band, marshmallow roasting, and a lot of laughing over salad. Your role is  supportive friend, fake royalty, enabler, confidant, and/or the water  that divides our lovers-to-be. 

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Dates are Sept. 2018.

Mon, Sep 24 8:00 p.m.
Tue, Sep 25 8:00 p.m.
Fri, Sep 28 8:00 p.m.

The running time is approximately one hour and 36 minutes with no intermission.

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