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VIVACE: A Community for Young Friends

VIVACE (vee-VA-che):
1. in a lively and brisk manner
2. a musical passage or movement marked to be performed vivace

VIVACE is Opera Philadelphia's lively community for young friends. Special discounts are available to dedicated VIVACE Nights during the 2024-2025 Season. Discover more>>

Plus, young friends can support Opera Philadelphia through the VIVACE Membership program! VIVACE Membership begins with a gift of $80, a special giving level just for our young friends, and includes special benefits all season long. Learn more>>

"VIVACE is a great way to connect with other young friends who share a love of opera. Through VIVACE, I made friends with people who share a love of great singing and innovative productions."

Sarah A., VIVACE Season Pass Holder and Ambassador

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“As someone who has never attended an opera, this was a great experience. Just as important as the performance, is the social aspect of VIVACE, which adds a lot of value to me. The after parties, champagne intermissions, meeting cast members, hanging out with people in our age range, and great seats all make this a very attractive program.”

Jeff S., VIVACE Season Pass holder

Special thanks to our VIVACE Ambassadors

Sarah Alderfer, Brian Hylton, Raheem Ghouse, Deependra Logani, Clint Walker, and Kelly Zhou

Questions? Email Steven Humes, Associate Director of Advancement, at humes@operaphila.org.

*VIVACE is available to Opera Philadelphia patrons ages 21 to 45. 

Top photo by Andre Flewellen. Other photos by HughE Dillon and Aubrey Nagle.

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