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4 Nov 2015

What's it all about

Devantagepoint has been decidedly quiet for a while and it's because Devan (and the entire Opera Philadelphia team) has been extremely busy. The result of all of that work has been six months overflowing with some of the most gratifying work in my life (and I'm not exaggerating)!

26 Oct 2015
28 Sep 2015

Award-winning Scottish director Paul Curran talks with us about making his...

14 Sep 2015
17 Aug 2015
27 Jul 2015

Dan Visconti, one of the composers of the Warhol-inspired *ANDY: A Popera*...

23 Jun 2015
12 Jun 2015
4 Jun 2015

The composer of Charlie Parker's YARDBIRD, Daniel Schnyder, shares the Parker...

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